Teacher of the Year 2019

Tatyana Dudochkin
Photo © susan wilson (www.susanwilsonphoto.com)
Tatyana Dudochkin

Student Winners

Prizes won by Tatyana Dudochkin's students (scroll to see more):

Students Years of
of Prizes
Bagdassarian, Ararat911
Brown, Jacob53
Chen, Hsuan-Fong34
Chen, Jenny106
Cheung, Alex88
Cohn, Shay 98
Das, Aunjoli 33
Do, Julia34
Dudochkin, Yelena1210
Freed, Nikola43
Goodman, Sarah46
He, Kethleen22
Hsu, Stephanie108
Hsu, Terence1112
Jung, Emily24
Kimel, Anastassia22
Koenig-Plonskier, Lauren52
Lafaille, Adriana1016
Lee, Caroline88
Lei, Ian66
Lei, Ivy56
Leighton, Rachel112
Narayanan, Sriram46
Noh, Jung Huan25
Ohlenbusch, Arno87
Orr, David34
Parsegova, Olga97
Pidvysotski, Sophia33
Pustilnikova, Aleksandra99
Qian, Kevin87
Ricker, Gebriel Ciccia65
Sanchez, Miguel109
Sellers, Natalie73
Sellers, William92
Sheng, Marco33
Sinha, Natasha32
Smaky, Natasha108
Soraci, Kanade43
Suntafeja, Nevan22
Tan, Lucy813
Tan, Patty63
Tonegawa, Satto106
Turner, MarciaMiss Massachusetts1
Van, Zhenya23
Wang, Elizabeth64
Wen, David43
Wong, Megan22
Wong, Christopher88
Wong, Cinthia1019
Wu, Harvey22
Xiao, Christina22
Young, Seho56
Yu, Andrew77
Zhang, Hannah65
Zhou, Jean84

A great number of Tatyana Dudochkin students are top prize winners of the over then 40 International, National, and World Piano Competitions. They won over 300 prizes during her American life experience.

Piano Concerto Competition Winners

Boston Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition, Vladimir Horowitz Summer Festival Concerto Competition, Ukraine; Puigcerda Festival Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition, Spain; Ukraine State Orchestra Concerto Competition; New England Conservatory Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and Youth Orchestra Concerto Competition; Brockton Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition; Phillips Academy Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition; International Young Artist Concerto Competition in Washington DC with Maryland Symphony Orchestra; Brookline Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition; Newton Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition; IP Piano School Concerto Competition; Boston Conservatory Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition; Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition.

International Piano Competition Winners

International Young Pianists Competition in Cinigalia, Italy; Montreal International Young Pianists Competition, Canada; International Piano Ensemble for Young Musicians in St. Petersburg, Russia; Young Talents, Ukraine; International Young Artist competition in Washington DC; Young Promises International Music Competition, Solo Roas Broad Creek Music Festival Competition in Maryland, International Competition A-Muse the World, Crescendo International Music Competition, Spivakov International Foundation, Moscow; World Piano Competition in Cincinnati, USA; International Young Virtuosos at Carnegie Hall, Piano Competition; A-Muse The World, International Competition; Puirgcerda International Piano Competition, Spain; as well as Accepted to participate in Junior Tchaikovsky Competition, China.

National Music Competition Winners

Manchester Young Artist Competition, Massachusetts Music Teachers Association Competition, New England Piano Teaches Association Ruth Davidson High School, Alice Hamlet Senior Competition, Mildred Freiberg Middle School Competition; American Fine Art Festival Competition, New Hampshire Music Teachers Association Competition, Nuzzo family Foundation Scholarship Award, Seth Kimmelman Scholarship Award, From The TOP Radio Show, WGBH show Morning Pro Musica, Steiner and Son Piano Competition, Commonwealth Competition for Young Pianists, Clark University Competition, Music Worcester Artists Competition, Marlborough Young Musicians Competition, Music Guild Award, Harvard Music Association Achievement Award, Young Virtuosos at Carnegie Hall. Steinway Society of Massachusetts Piano Competition, Russian Music Competition, Mildred Freiberg Competition, NEPTA, Crescendo International competition, The Little Mozart

Other Performances

Tatyana's students were chosen to perform on the National radio program From the Top, Congress Hall in Washington, DC program Piano Prodigies, Carnegie Hall Weill Recital Hall, as well as accepted to participate in the following prestigious festivals:

Aspen Music Festival, USA; Shaliapin International Academia Summer festival, Spain; Boston University Tanglewood Institute, Lenox, MA; Bowdoin International Music Festival; Albert Markov Music Festival, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada; Vladimir Horowitz, Summer Academia, Kiev Ukraine; Summit Music Festival, NY; Mozarteum International Summer Academy in Salzburg, Austria.