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Tatyana Dudochkin at the piano
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Tatyana Dudochkin


  • "Formidable Russian born pianist … highly sensitive and passionate playing with colorful tone." — Anthony Tommasini, Boston Globe
  • "Strong and fiery player!" — Richard Dyer, Boston Globe
  • "Brilliant pianist and concert organizer gave a splendid account of Rodrigo's Music." — Michael Manning, Boston Globe
  • "Dudochkin, representing the Russian School, touched everyone with her singing tone as well as passionate and powerful performance of Rachmaninoff's master pieces" — Barcelona Chronicle, Spain
  • "The richness of her colors, her palette, and her imagination are wonderful indeed. She inspires her whole audience." — Felix Rosiner, Harvard University Press
  • "Daring pianist with artistic flair always responsive to the best in new musical composition." — Alfred Schnittke, Composer
  • "Her intuitive, deep comprehension of the essence of my music is brilliant." — Aram Khachaturian, Composer
Tatyana Dudochkin performing in concert
Tatyana Dudochkin performing in concert
Dudochkin Dazzles with Piazzolla Centennial Concert
by Julie Ingelfinger
in: The Boston Musical Intelligencer
April 4, 2022

Accomplished pianist and admired NEC educator Tatyana Dudochkin created the Annual Composer’s Celebration Concert in 1991, each year featuring the work and life of a major composer. This weekend the 30th finally took place in Jordan Hall after a two year pandemic pause. The dazzling program, introduced by Dudochkin and long-time BSO commentator and CRB host, Ron Della Chiesa, celebrated the centennial of Astor Pantaléon Piazzolla’s birth, wowing a discerning crowd.

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Clara Schumann
Dudochkin Pays Homage to Clara
by Tatyana Dudochkin
in: The Boston Musical Intelligencer
October 6, 2019

My tribute to the 200-year-old Clara Schumann comes to Jordan Hall next Sunday as the 29th Composer Celebration since I founded the series in 1990 with “A Salute to Prokofiev on his Centennial.” My collaborators and I then performed his music of all instrumentations with such success that my every subsequent year centered on the celebration of another composer.

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Mikhail Svetlov, bass, Yelena Dudochkin, soprano, Ron Della Chiesa, Tatyana Dudochkin
A Remembrance of Things Dudochkin
by Geoffrey Wieting
in: The Boston Musical Intelligencer
January 28, 2015

Founded and still directed by the eminent Russian-born pianist and teacher, Tatyana Dudochkin, New England Conservatory’s 25th Composer Anniversary Celebration Series returned Sunday to Jordan Hall with a plethora of accomplished performers as celebrants.

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Tatyana Ducochkin at the piano
Dudochkin’s Annual Fête Salutes Some Playwright
by Steve Landrigan
in: The Boston Musical Intelligencer
February 22, 2014

On February 23, Tatyana Dudochkin, NEC’s prep school Piano Ensemble Program chair, will present her annual (since 1990) Jordan Hall concert honoring a composer in an anniversary year.

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